Lady and the Tramps is an album full of easy on the ear arrangements, superb musicianship and the Lady has pipes to hunger after. 
John M. Peters "The Borderland" (UK)

Lady & The Tramps is one best the best examples of artist comfortable with who she is and the direction she intends on taking her craft. Neumann's previous effort is the 2010 release of Hot Club Edmonton which garnered rave reviews and picked up a WCMA for instrumental album of the year.
Brent Black "Critical Jazz"

Singer Thea Neumann brims with feminine spunk in a class solely ruled by jazz music's finest vocalists. 
Susan Francis "Yahoo"

The Song of Breath 

Music and Yoga.  Wine and cheese. Joe Pass and Ella Fitzgerald.

With the grand opening of our Yoga School in May, I find myself bringing the teachings of yoga off of the mat and into the music studio; finding a deeper peace and presence while singing at the top of my lungs. This ally, the breath, our best  friend that will always come when called, creates so much space, clears new room in our temple that resides within, so that our song may fill these cavernous Opera halls and resonate as happy vibrations within our body.

I have always revelled at the breath, especially as a youngster listening to choir directors, and private instructors sing notes that seemed to be held for an eternity's length. How'd they do that?? Growing up in a musical household with a mother who was a classical singer, this mystery soon started to unveil itself, starting with the study of the diaphragm. Now I don't want to get into the anatomy of breath here (which is fascinating by the way!) but just know that one of THE largest muscles of the body just so happens to be the diaphragm; our bodies key cog in the machine of breathing deeply.

After returning from my 200 hour yoga teacher training in Nelson, BC, I worried about neglecting practicing for a whole 5 weeks and pushing the pause button on my singing. During the first class of yoga that I taught, after starting the practice with a communal chanting of, 'OM,' I knew that my voice would be just fine. The massive amount of breath that was available to me nearly sent me kilting backwards out of my cross-legged Sit. The power or breath sent each overtone, every booming cavern of resonance, and each fine hair on the top of my scalp dancing, whirring and above all, let me hold notes to a new length; giving them a new life. 

As an educator and Yoga practitioner I now 'prescribe' yoga to my singing students if the connection between breath and voice is something not yet fully realized. They all come back to the studio astounded with how much easier it is to breath deep and create a beautiful tone after a few classes of yoga. Not to mention the focus that comes when connecting the body through the avenue of breath! For me, becoming a yoga teacher has given my songs a new depth, and a deeper connection, and I thank the very first thing we all learned how to do after the doc gave us a swift slap to the behind after leaving mom and entering the world. Just breathe!


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'The Heart of Yoga' Chanting, Philosophy and Meditation

 —  —

Shanti Yoga Studio, 237 Baker Street, Nelson, BC

Thea will be guiding students through chanting workshops and sharing her love of Sufi song and Mantra devotions after studying under the direction of Dr. Karim Gillani in Edmonton. (http://karimsangeet.ca/) This special 500 Hr Graduate Teacher Training workshop is also open to those wanting to delve deeper into their yoga practice and awaken the true 'heart of yoga.' Call Shanti Yoga at: 250-352-7703 for more details. Beautiful accommodations offered in the heart of Nelson, BC


Thea Neumann with AKU AKU

DV8, 8130 Gateway Boulevard, Edmonton

Surf Rock Trio Aku Aku will be headlining DV8's Devils' Night bash along with Electric Audrey and Tyre Iron!! Aku Aku is: Thea Neumann on vocal/organ/bass, Joachim Neumann on drums, Clint Pelletier on lead guitar